Church Bank Account

Following formal recognition by the Charity Commission of TAUNTON MINSTER as the new working name for ‘PCC St Mary Magdalene Taunton’, the name of the church bank account has been changed to TAUNTON MINSTER.

This means from now on, all cheques in favour of the church should be made out to TAUNTON MINSTER. A cheque written with the old name will have to be returned and a replacement requested in the name of TAUNTON MINSTER.

The bank account number is not being changed and, therefore, no action is necessary in respect of Standing Orders and Direct Debits.

New ‘paying-in’ books for cash deposits will be brought into use as soon as they are

received from the bank. In the meantime, we shall continue to use the current books, amending the account name by hand to TAUNTON MINSTER.

Any queries please to Nigel Birkett, Acting Treasurer.

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