2022 Peregrines

Four eggs were laid and all four successfully hatched and fledged. However, only three were seen in the skies over Taunton.

Extensive coverage of the peregrine project appeared on BBC Radio Somerset within Claire Carter’s breakfast show and also with Charlie Powell on ITV West Country News.

The photo at the top of the page shows fledgling XX (Platinum) who temporarily landed on double yellow lines outside the vicarage. She was rather disorientated, but with some encouragement from Robin, our resident peregrine expert and handler, she soon got her bearings and flew to nearby rooftops. Fortunately, whilst landed, she avoided a parking ticket.

In the Platinum Jubilee year of Her Late Majesty, Queen Elizabeth, together with standing in solidarity with our Ukrainian brothers and sisters suffering through the war in Ukraine, the four were appropriately named:

Zelensky (XW), Elizabeth (XT), Platinum (XX) & Jubilee (XZ)