At Taunton Minster, for an infant/child Baptism, there will be two preparation visits to your home. The first will be by two members of the Baptism Pastoral Team, the second by two members of the Ministry Team. The meaning of Baptism will be explained and the part you have to play.

For adult Baptism, there is a longer course of preparation.

We also offer a service of Thanksgiving as an alternative to Baptism. Baptism can still take place later.


Usually confirmation is offered once a year in differing churches in Taunton. The Bishop attends in order to lay on hands on the candidates. Confirmation enables the candidates to confirm their faith whether they were baptised as infants or later in life.

For more information on either baptisms or confirmations please contact the Parish Office directly, or alternatively you can contact us and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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