Easter Flowers in Memory

You are invited to remember your loved ones with flowers at the Minster for Easter.

We ask for a donation of £3.50 towards the cost. Please put the money in an envelope, clearly marked with the name of the person to be remembered, and hand it in to the Benefice office or to a churchwarden.

At Easter we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. During the long period of Lent preceding this we observe a time of reflection and fasting and the church is bare of flowers, to reflect the solemnity of the season. This makes the contrast to Easter itself – when flowers are used in abundance to express the joy and triumph of Jesus’ resurrection from the dead with the assurance of life eternal—all the more striking.

Several flowers are traditionally associated with Easter, having acquired symbolic meaning over the years. Lilies, with their large white trumpet-shaped blooms and lovely fragrance, are the most well-known flower used at Easter. There are many meanings associated with this flower. The white hue represents Jesus’s purity, and the shape of the trumpet recalls the trumpet of the angel Gabriel. Also, the flower grows from a bulb buried in the ground, which is symbolic of Christ’s resurrection.