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Ascension – Seated with Him

 The Reading:  Ephesians 2:1-10 

… sit with him in the heavenly places …” (v. 6) RSV

Keep looking down!  What a strange thing to tell a Christian to do.  But it all depends where you are when the instruction is given.  St Paul tells us that we have been “raised up” (v.6), or ascended with Christ Jesus, and now sit with him in God’s presence.  So we now look down on earth and adopt God’s view on life.

No longer are we a worm slithering between the grasses and no longer are we unable to see beyond the next obstacle.  We have risen up and we can now get the overall picture.  Our whole perspective on life is transformed.  We enjoy the big picture.

Now we are able to understand God’s long-term strategy, and above all we understand that all things will one day be put right.  We no longer need to look up to God, earnestly hoping that he will come down and help, for we are now in the presence of God and are able to have fellowship with him.  We are seated with Christ in heavenly places (v.6).  The privileges of Christ Jesus are our privileges.  Incredible!  He earned it through his life of love and obedience.  We receive it as an unmerited gift.

Our faith and confidence will grow as we realise all that we receive in Christ.  We are limited by our ignorance.  Faith grows through hearing the truth, and the truth will set us increasingly free.  We are “seated with Christ Jesus” (v.6); let its full import seep into your mind.

My Lord and my God, forgive me that I have understood so little of all you have achieved.  Increase my faith and my boldness.  Amen. 

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