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Christingle Family Service – 10am

10am – Christingle Family Service

Our Christmas Eve Crib Service is at 4pm on 24th December.  Hope to see you there!
You can view the service via our live-stream link and past services can be found under ‘Past live videos’.            You do not have to have a Facebook account to view our live-streaming, but if you run into problems do let us know.

President & Preacher: Revd Tobie Osmond
Deacon: Daphne Seddon
Intercessions & Readings: Young People
Readings: Philippians 1: 3-11, Luke 3: 1-6
Organist: Miles Quick

Hymn: Long ago prophets knew
Hymn: Advent song v2
Hymn: Brother, sister, let me serve you
Anthem: God whose love is everywhere
Hymn: The Candle Song