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The Bells Have Arrived!

At just after 11:00am today, our new bells arrived safely at St Mary Magdalene Church.  And so ends, not only a journey from Loughborough to Taunton, but the realisation of long held dreams brought to fruition through the hard work and generosity of many. Watched by a swelling number of enthralled passersby, the bells were offloaded and now rest inside the church awaiting their blessing on Sunday at our 10:00am service.   The work then continues with their final ascent to their new place in the tower.  We look forward to hearing them ring out by Christmas!

The empty tower of St Mary’s looks down with longing upon the arriving new ‘ring of bells’.

The bells have arrived coyly under wrap.

The great unveiling begins!


The ever-present Rosemary overseers the skillful unloading.


Shining bells in ‘serried ranks’.

A ‘chimer’ within a ‘ringer’!

Each one carefully lifted off its bed.

Lovingly manoeuvered.


Three ‘Belles’

The Somerset Tenor Bell in all its magnificence!

The Somerset Tenor Bell lifted high for all to see.

The last three, safely on trolleys.

Awaiting their blessing.

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