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Thanks Annie and Gypsy!

Annie's Ride - P1010682 Annies ride blessing 3 Aug 14

It was a thrill to welcome Annie and Gypsy, the horse, after their epic ride around 51 church bell towers – ringing in each one.

Annie's Ride - 2014-08 - 1-Civic Reception for Annie's Ride-001

The reception on Tuesday went well and Annie has raised over £12,000. What a wonderful achievement!  We are so proud of our bell ringing team who did so much to support Annie’s ride. Well done all!

Annie's Ride - 2014-08 - 1-Anne & Gypsy_mini
And from Annie’s Blog …

“A few days into the Ride, Pearl, Jo and I never thought the last day at St Mary’s would ever arrive – there were so many towers to ring, so many miles to cover on Gypsy, so many long days ahead……but amazingly here we are – we have reached Tuesday 26th and the Ride is now officially over, 150 miles and 51 towers later……
What a reception we had as we rode down Hammet Street the wrong way, the imposing tower was looming ahead of us, people were waving and clapping, the bells were ringing and Jo and I have to admit that we felt more than a little choked – it was a moment never to forget – all this was for us and our endeavours to raise funds for the Bells of St Mary’s. Even Gypsy sensed the occasion and stepped along nicely with a spring in her step knowing the applause was for her and the amazing effort she has made to fulfil the role she stepped into after Mieke fell. I found out today from Cherie that she had indeed belonged to the gypsies until she was 7 years old and this explains a lot about her unstoppable attitude to marching out no matter what and also her hoof waving performances, perhaps used to convey her feelings in the only way she knew how?
She has been a star and as we have got to know her she has relaxed in our company – she has tried her hardest to please and given us her all – tomorrow she returns to Gunnislake with Cherie and probably a lot more adventures will unfold in her life but I like to think that she will always remember the 3 weeks she spent with us here in Somerset helping to raise the money for the Bells of St Mary’s and giving us such pleasure and amusement along the way ……..Thank you Gypsy!”

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