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Syrian Refugees in Taunton Deane

There were two developments relating to the Syrian Refugees:-

  • Firstly, Stephen Jenkins and Nicola Johnson attended a meeting at Temple Methodist designed to prepare for receiving two refugees in Taunton Deane in April. Hopefully, as a church we can play a part in this.
  • Secondly, a steering group met to consider the feasibility of providing for a self supporting refugee family at a later date.

This would be organised across churches with Creech Baptist, St Mary Magdalene and another large church fronting it. This was the first meeting and the proposal is in an embryonic stage. Nevertheless, there was much good will and no shortage of ideas and enthusiasm. The refugee family under this second scheme would probably be from the Syrian Christian Community who are suffering terribly at the moment. I will report more in the New Year. Please remember you can help support Syrian refugees through Christian Aid. Collecting buckets are available in the Coffee Shop area.

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