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Second Sunday Before Lent

“Today is the Second Sunday Before Lent. Lent  begins on 1st March when we will be joining with our fellow Christians at St John’s for the Ash Wednesday Benefice Service (7.30pm). During this service, the priests will place an ash cross on those who wish to be marked. The ash cross symbolises our need to bring our sins to the cross where Jesus has dealt with it once and for all. The ash is made from a mixture of the previous year’s palm crosses and olive oil.

Once Lent begins, we will look forward to Prof Roger Trigg’s talks on issues in contemporary Christianity. You’ll find the dates and times inside this issue of Today. Don’t forget to visit our bookshop and pick up some Lenten reading. I will be taking some personal reflective reading on my retreat this coming week at St Mary and Martha’s, Sheldon.”

Rod Corke, Vicar

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