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Permissions and Faculties

The PCC meeting on Wednesday evening went well. The PCC agreed to apply for planning permission and faculties for two message boards, a new external notice board and some notice boarding in the tower area and at the back of the bookshop. A small team have worked very hard on the designs and these were approved and applauded. We look forward to seeing all of this work completed to bring the notice boards in St. Mary Magdalene up to a similar standard as our website. There will be an opportunity for the congregation as a whole to consider what is being proposed and make any comments.

It was also agreed that we should apply for a faculty for the bells project. Currently we have raised just under half the amount required to meet this project but we need a faculty in order to apply for some grants. Rosemary Tuhey who leads the team produced an impressive paper and the PCC expressed their thanks to her.

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