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The Peregrine watchers have had a very busy week photographing our pair of falcons.  The birds have been very active and their distinct “Kak Kak” call can be heard. Last week I asked if we could name the birds and Aston and Martin suggested “Bullet” for the tiercel (male) and “Bulletina” for the falcon (female). We are not sure if they have chicks but if they have they are known as eyases and have disproportionally large feet. The carillon and bells have been rung this week and do not seem to be affecting them. Both birds are tagged and we have reported their existence to the Hawk and Owl Trust.


3 Responses to Peregrines

Carl Bovis

I took pics of your Peregrines today!
Click my website link to see! 🙂

    St Mary Magdalene

    Dear Carl, these are great photos. Thank you for sharing. Would you mind if we put your link up on our website and FB page?

    Kind regards,
    Website Manager

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