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Glorious Send Off for Rod & Rita

What a glorious “send off” Rod and Rita had last Sunday.  It was wonderful to see so many people here for this important service and it was clear that both of them were very moved by the occasion.  We waved Rod and Rita off on Tuesday afternoon and they will no doubt be busy, surrounded by boxes and exploring their new home.  Let’s keep them in our prayers as they go about God’s business and purpose at Great Malvern Priory.

The Mayor helping out in the ‘scrum’

Wow! Thank you Tekna!

The Boxing Preacher – you gotta listen to the sermon!

Final prayer

Farewell blessing …

… on Jack as well! 

Door duty – ably assisted by faithful Jack

St Mary’s farewell card (sentiments obscured)

Jack’s portrait for Rita


From Tekna






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