Gifts for Advent & Christmas

Yes, Christmas is coming up fast and the Church prepares well for it with the preceding season of Advent (Latin adventus, “coming”).

And then to Christmas, where you’ll find all sorts of tree ornaments and other beautiful items. Look out for some great 2024 calendars, some featuring Taunton and Somerset scenes.

The Gifts & Books shop is ready for both the Advent and Christmas seasons with a wide selection of gifts. We have Advent calendars to suit all ages and, happily, our Advent selection features many calendars whereby when you open the calendar doors you’re greeted by a biblical verse—this helps us to keep ‘on message’ with the true meaning of the birth of Christ.

Please do come along and see all that the shop has to offer.

A fine selection of Advent calendars and interesting Christmas ornaments and gifts await you.

It’s an oasis of retail calm away from the jostle of the High Street and where you’ll find gift items that can’t be found elsewhere. And remember, every purchase helps support the Minster in its upkeep and mission because the shop is wonderfully managed by Cheryl and her team of volunteers.

Open Monday to Saturday, 10:00am to 1:00pm.

Gifts & Books