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From Birth through Death to Resurrection

A journey from Christmas (birth of Jesus) through to Easter (re-birth of Jesus) began with our Christmas tree in all its glory only to be shorn of its branches and made into a rood cross and then finally clothed in flowers.

See the journey in video with commentary by Dennis Cavaghan.


Our Christmas tree signifying the birth of Jesus.

IMG_8968 - Easter Cross - export at 940_mini (2)

Through Lent we added the symbols of Jesus’ suffering.

Easter Cross_9015_mini

Stripped and naked representing the death of Jesus.

Easter Day - Flower Team-FullSize_mini

On Easter Day our ladies added the flowers of new life.

Easter Day Full_mini (1)

Adorned with flowers representing the resurrection of Jesus and new life for all.

Easter Day - Cross and Candle - full-9066-001_mini

Paschal Candle lit on Easter morning representing Christ alive in our midst. Christ is risen! He is risen indeed!  Halleujah!!


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