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Test Ringing of the New Bells

Excitement gripped the church last Thursday for the first test ringing of the new bells and what a wonderful sound we heard!  Using the webcam we were able to see the ringers in the ringing chamber and the bells swinging. It was a marvellous sight. All went well. There will be no regular ringing, however, until the Dedication Service, on Sunday, 19th March, when the Bishop of Bath and Wells and Deputy Lieutenant will be coming. We have been planning this and we have decided to dedicate the carillon during the morning service and the ringing bells in the afternoon so that the whole day can be a time of celebration.

A group of very happy bellringers!

Busy decorating

Coming through on its way up (Photo courtesy Simon de Wilton)

Fred’s checking it twice and making sure it’s sturdy and nice (Photo courtesy Simon de Wilton)

Peal boards awaiting a clean

A thorough job being done

With much attention to detail

And a keen eye for a final wipe and polish

What’s a peal board, you may be wondering?

Well, peal boards are normally financed by the band of ringers who rang the peal. This means that the peal boards in a tower are just a snapshot of the peals rung there and are not necessarily a reflection of how important the peal was. Many of the peals rung at St Mary’s are not recorded on a peal board at all.

It is quite common for peal and quarter peal bands to write their performances in the tower visitor book or a book set aside for recording these performances; much less common to have a peal board.

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